We are aware of the fact that retail and retail management differs to some extent from traditional property management. A certain level of experience is required as well as dedicated employees with numerous years’ of experience from the retail and commercial industry.

Specialist Property Services and Sectors


Our main objective and focus is to satisfy clients and tenants and we go the extra mile, with our best efforts at all times, to ensure this purpose is fulfilled. As our team holds experience from numerous areas of the property market and chain, we consequently understand the characteristics and features of a property owner as well as the tenant’s.

Thus, we acknowledge the core factors that drive businesses and the fact that trading centers ought to distinguish themselves in order to reach the consumer amidst today’s substantial market competition. We recognize that modern commercial management must reflect other factors such as focusing on the financial aspects of the tenant, longevity, ethical values and the social responsibilities as well.

How we can help you

Our fully experienced team will assist you with the following services:

  • Commercial and trading center management
  • Commercial analyses and strategic consultancy
  • Retail leasing
  • Re-negotiations
  • Implementing and reviewing property and market budgets – emphasizing on both long and short term aspects.
  • Drafting business plans and proposals as well as preparing, executing, monitoring and reporting of performance against agreed proposals
  • Concept and commercial designing
  • Managing process of Changes and Developments
  • Strategic branding management
  • Specialized consultancy within retail and retail management
  • Documented experience in revitalizing and renewing merchants and trading places as well as the brand.


Our Integrity: We commit and devote full integrity in our tasks and duties on behalf of our clients. We avoid liaising with property holders where conflicts of interest may arise. Furthermore, we liaise and work solely with property owners.


Savills retail portfolio* currently consists of: 360 Retail Parks 92 Shopping Centres 44 Leisure Schemes.



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Gabrielle Hemmerlind

Gabrielle Hemmerlind

Head of Leasing

Savills Stockholm

+46 8 562 286 07



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