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Creating value in real estate is an activity that requires a deep understanding of how these values are created.

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How we can help

In our mission, we have clear objectives - to increase the value of the properties, to make sure the tenants are satisfied and that the properties are kept in top condition.

We offer clients complete responsibility for the properties with the possibility of customized solutions. This includes everything in asset management - from corporate financial accounting and reporting, and monitoring to rent negotiations, implementation of development projects and technical maintenance. We listen to tenants and resolve their wishes, optimizing the operation and take initiative to develop and improve.

To ensure high quality, we work in the management team and also has specialist expertise in areas such as project management, asset management, leasing, corporate finance and accounting services. We believe that operating staff for the properties, which have a large part of the tenant contacts, have a great impact on the property's long-term performance.

Therefore we own our own service and maintenance department.


Our expertise

Savills is one of the leading providers of property management services with a long track record in the management of all types of properties.

This includes, for example, residential, real estate developments, shopping centers and industrial properties. Our expertise includes;

  • Energy analysis and implementation of energy saving measures
  • Effective maintenance planning based on the tenants and the property needs
  • Procurement and management of contracts
  • Rent negotiation
  • Negotiation of housing rents
  • Project management of new constructions and extensions
  • Management and initering of development projects
  • Budgeting and reporting
  • Invoice Processing
  • General Accounting
  • Market analysis and analysis of development projects in early stages
  • Tenants care and work with CSI
  • The fulfillment of regulatory requirements in the fire, ventilation, lifts etc. Inspections and status assessments.


To our clients, we offer dedicated and passionate team where staff have extensive knowledge in their respective fields. We offer services in the task management but also offers other customized solutions where the client has a focus on returns and have or want an investment in real estate.


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