Our agency and lettings team aims to increase value on properties by strategically positioning premises on the market as well as identifying and implementing the most efficient and profitable solutions.

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Due to our extensive knowledge and expertise within leasing and lettings legislations, we are able to provide a service that fulfils the tenants’ as well as the property owner’s requirements on sustainable agreements that spans over longer periods of time. This ensures beneficial conditions for profitable leasing affairs, subsequently resulting in increased value on properties.

Our Expertise

Savills provides qualified leasing services based on profound knowledge combined with in-depth experience within areas involving property issues, including technical matters as well as drafting well-balanced leasing agreements. Our lettings experts are perceptive towards the customers’ needs and time plan and thus behold high integrity in their daily profession and line of work.

In recent years, tenants and property owners have established their own perception concerning the structure a leasing agreement ought to necessitate, and considering the vast costs adapting and relocating premises’ often require, settlements and contracts are thus more thoroughly processed and elaborated. Through project management, Savills can assist property owners in any process without involving further consignations, and hence is able to guarantee the financial outcome of the deal.

Savills leasing operations consists of:

  • Leasing and refining commercial premises covering all areas of Sweden, emphasizing on Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.
  • We assist our clients throughout the entire leasing process; from initial analyses, marketing, drafting prospects and other marketing materials, to rental negotiations and signing of agreements.
  • Today’s usage and execution of premises is appraised and tried through the perspective of future potential amendments. Are there possibilities to refurbish for new practices? Furthermore, what would the total economic outcome result in?
  • Results of projects are assured through self-governing project management, an indicator signifying that time frames and completed solutions correspond to agreed requirements.



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Gabrielle Hemmerlind

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